Club Arcada

Speakeasy & Restaurant


CLUB ARCADA is one of the most exclusive entertainment experiences in the Midwest, re-living the glory days of The Roaring Twenties in Chicago! It is located on the third floor of the historic Arcada Theatre.

Guests begin the evening by entering through a secret door located in the library next to a 1920s shoeshine stand. On your left will be the Prohibition Lounge, a quiet “getaway” from the party. Then you will see Louis Armstrong’s Speakeasy Bar, a copper and bronze room flanked by a 48-star flag from the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, a 125 year-old cash register and 100 year old beer taps. Over fifty bourbons, bathtub gin and deliciously creative concoctions are available. Continue walking, on your right is Charlie Chaplin Room, where you will see a five-foot 1908 shutter camera and original spotlights and stage lights from 1926-era Arcada Theatre. Adding to the experience in that room is classic Chaplin film posters and photos with his historic black and white films projected directly onto the wall. Then you will enter the “Fred & Ginger” Room, the main showroom, breathtaking and intimate, with a professional dance floor, muraled walls, an exquisite thousand-crystal chandelier and priceless antiques. In the showroom is the stage where some of the finest entertainers in the world perform for an intimate audience. Annexed to the main ballroom is “Gatsby’s at Club Arcada”, a semi-private area for 20 guests with comfy couches. Tucked in the corner is the exclusive “Jean Harlow Marquee Room”, another spectacular VIP experience for 2-6 people overlooking the grand Arcada Theatre marquee. On most nights, CLUB ARCADA is open to the general public, offering sumptuous options for dinner, dessert-ing or late-nite snacking. 

Typically, the doors to CLUB ARCADA open at 5 pm for early dinner. The entertainment begins about 8:30 pm, but it is suggested to eat a bit earlier to truly enjoy the entertainment experience. The full food menu is available until 10PM, and a light bite menu is available after the kitchen closes.  A full beverage menu is available throughout the evening. 

This is an all-age venue.  There is a two-drink minimum if food is not ordered. Typically, there is a nominal entertainment charge, and the price may vary. Dress to impress, our “Gatsby Girls & Guys” will welcome you in 1920s period outfits! Beachwear, shorts, gym shoes, T-Shirts and tattered jeans will not be allowed…this is a classy joint! Dress up and have fun! 


There is an entertainment fee for most shows, typically $15 *.  If you choose to stay for the entertainment, the fee will be added to your check.  Please call 630-962-7000 with questions…ya just GOTTA see this place!

* While our typical entertainment fee is $15, some shows do not have a cover while other acts may have a higher entertainer fee.  

Please visit our events page for more information.