NO COVER MAGIC WEDNESDAYS Featuring Hypnotist Jeff Jay

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Enjoy an unforgettable night of magic as you experience the beauty of our 1920’s Speakeasy and Restaurant. Be dazzled by The Great Boutelli and our featured hypnotist act Jeff Jay all while indulging in our signature house cocktails, decadent cuisine, and other magical delights.

Jeff became fascinated by the intriguing world of hypnosis back in his college days when he witnessed his first hypnotic presentation. His roommate was one of the volunteers who became hypnotized onstage. At the end of the show, the performer placed a $100 bill on the floor and said, “Anybody who can pick it up can keep it.” But, then he told all of the subjects that they were unable to bend at the waist. The audience of poor college students was stunned when nobody was able to retrieve the perceived fortune. “We could have eaten like kings that semester,” Jeff recalls laughing. The experience started a 30-year study into the art of hypnosis, magic and public speaking.

Drink Special: Half Off Bottles of Wine, $4 Alakazam Ale, & $5 Houdini’s Hat Cocktail

Food Special:  $9 Flatbreads and $9 Slider Flights

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May 08 2019


7:00 pm


No Cover


Club Arcada
105 E. Main St., St. Charles,IL

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